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First home textile retailing itself is still in its nascent stage. Sustainable luxury retail evolves from the saturation of the market for premium products. The oppportunity for a marker for luxury prcducts is perceived when the aspirations of consumers satisfied by premium brands. As many luxury brands. particularly in the apparel segment have discovered, market dynamics are very different from markets statistics

Well-established for over a decade in the Indian and international markets, Home Fashion India is a B2B magazine focussed on home textiles, furnishing fabrics and home decoration industries.

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Online sales of home products have been witnessing a growth of over 100% per annum.  More about the huge untapped opportunity for home textiles, furnishing, home décor and houseware brands, manufacturers and retailers through online retail channel. Home Fashion in its Jan Mar 2014 issue provides an insight in this rapidly growing aspect of the home decor industry.